The Launch of Isobar's Cook In - Duck Fat Toastie Day

I spent some time over the Christmas break digging deep into the crux of what Cook In means to me. The inception of this blog started with an idea to create a hub where I could share all this knowledge in my head that I've picked up through the course of learning how to cook. It was also a place for me to share my inspirations through creations, recipes and recommendations.

But the blog quickly turned into a recipe blog, which was never really the intention from the get-go! I also knew that sharing my love for food through a screen is a big challenge, so I needed to figure out how I could overcome that challenge and stand out from the crowd. Food is about the aromas, the tastes, the textures and most importantly the feelings it brings you that transports you back to either a new or sweet old memory. So how do I combine that experience with a Cook In hub that lives online?

Then it dawned on me... With my love for planning and hosting events, I realised I could start creating Cook In experiences where I can take people on a journey with my food - this seemed to be the perfect fit! So then, Isobar Cook In was conceptualised as the firstborn of Cook In events.

It's funny... most times when I go into work on a Monday morning, my workmates would make a passing comment about the food I've cooked over the weekend of which they've seen on my Instagram and Facebook.

"I saw that thing you cooked on the weekend - OMG! It looked delicious.."

"Tish, your Facebook feed makes me hungry all the time"

It was so great to know that people were responding so well to my food without even tasting it! Cooking for workmates was always something I wanted to do but without a stove-top set-up at work, the opportunity seemed non-existent. Then I really thought about and Hey, when has a roadblock ever stopped me from making something work before? I was determined to bring my idea to life.

So I came up with a model that allowed me to prep all the food at home beforehand and finish it off in the agency kitchen. I could still do all my plating in the agency kitchen which allows people to see the process of how it all comes together without having the stress of cooking to order for 30-40 people! So to kick it all off was a brand new dish concept that will have your mouth watering...

Isobar's Cook In is an initiative to share my delicious creations with one of Melbourne's best digital agencies - Isobar, where culture is abundant and people are genuinely interested in each other's passions. The idea revolved around sharing my love for new ideas, homecooked food and bringing fellow foodies together.

To launch, I introduced the Duckfat Toastie....

The event was a success! I was running a tad behind schedule and the powerpoint would trip everytime I tried to plug 3 toastie machines into a socket - but other than that, there were lots of happy faces and satisfied bellies. The photos say it all, really!

Photography credit: Tony Trinh 

The next Isobar 's Cook In event is happening in 4 days and this time, I'll be sharing the recipe to Cypriot Grain Salad inspired dish by Masterchefs' own judge, George Columbaris.

So stay tuned for more delicious details...