Cook In Foodie House Party: USA Tour - The Menu and Order Form

What’s Cook In, good lookin’? Well…. you’re going to be glad we asked.

Taking the food truck concept and making it my own, I'm throwing a food party from the comfort of home in North Melbourne and you’re invited.

Imagine a courtyard filled with fairly lights, being serenaded with the sweet vocals of Laura Loe then a DJ jammin' to some sweet tunes and food being served out of a window from an American-style menu inspired by my trip to the US in April. And if the night is just a tad bit chilly, we'll also have a fire going to warm everyone up!

The menu takes inspiration from the east-coast, west-coast and of course, the south. Through a combination of fresh ingredients, new favorites, classic combinations and hearty meals, we present to you a menu specially designed for the foodie.

But what's all of this for? As part of Cook In's new years resolution, 2015 is about creating shareable food experiences and this is where we'll start.

P.s – Everyone is welcome but you must pre-order and pay by 12PM on Monday 16th March, 2015.

So how does it work?

STEP 1 Click the button below to place your order: Then, choose your ideal menu. The prices are located next to each item.

STEP 2 Before you submit your order, make sure you tally up the total in the end (unfortunately the form doesn't automatically do this for you).

STEP 3 Press Submit. Once your order is submitted, it is NOT CONFIRMED until payment is made. Select payment options below.

STEP 4 Once we have your order and payment, we will send you an email confirmation.

Order submission and payment due by Mon 16th of March 2015 @ 12pm.