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Growing up in a small country town in Malaysia, food has always been a big part of my life. Whether it was through mum’s nonya style homecooking or the range of delicacies from different cultures (malay, chinese and indian), food has always proven to be the binding factor between family, friends and a great time.

I moved to Australia 10 years ago and headed to boarding school to learn my independence. Since then, I’ve managed to reach a few of my goals in life and it has now come conquering my love for food. My friends would always see my photos on Facebook and Instagram and say, ‘It’s time for you to start a food blog!’.

Living in Melbourne couldn’t be a bigger blessing for me – in a city where cultures collide and create something even better; a city full of diversity. The food culture in Melbourne is so prominent and that’s really how I have came to start this food blog, with recipes from all over the world. My style of cooking is inspired by travel, technique and produce – creating dishes that remind you of the past and also excite you about the future.

In the last year, I’ve really thrown myself in the world of food, getting inspired by shows like Masterchef and Topchef and really letting my creativity run wild. The one thing that surprised me the most is how much I am enjoying learning about the craft and culinary techniques. There is something about extracting, cutting, emulsing, folding, glazing in it’s proper form that fuels my love for cooking.

So I hope you come with my food journey to be inspired. If you want to share my recipes or my images, please don’t forget to credit!


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